Granny's Great-granny's Tiara

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Granny's Great-granny's Tiara
Participants6 + GM
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Granny's Great-Granny's Tiara was a larp originally run in Sweden in 2012 about three generations of women, three living and three dead. A the time, it was written in Swedish and was called Mormors Mormors Mammas Tiara.

The larp has had multiple runs both in Sweden and internationally.

Larp description

Granny’s Great-granny’s Tiara is a low-key nordic larp about Swedish femininity, traditionally female concerns and the relationships between mothers and daughters. It involves six generations of women from the same family, three living and three dead. The larp takes place in a Stockholm of 2012.

This larp makes use of the “ghost” meta technique in a very literal form. In contrast to many other LARPs, these ghosts have both personality and agendas. They will make use of any and all influence they have have on their descendents to achieve their goals.

A single production of the larp takes about 3.5 hours, including preparation and post-larp reflections.

Related larps

There is a companion LARP about six generations of men, called Fädernesgården.

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