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Forum is a Danish congress for role-players. Its focus was originally on larp rather than pen and paper RPG, but over the years it has become a venue for both.

Forum usually lasts 3 days, spanning from Friday to Sunday. Its programme consists primarily of talks, debates, and a very extravagant auction, but since 2012 it has also been the venue of a scenario competition for short story scenarios called Project Særimner.


The first Forum was held in 2000. It was organised by Morten Gade, Jesper Bruun, Jesper Donnis, and Mikkel Sander. At the time it was intended as a “Knutepunkt light”, but with a national scope rather than an international one. The convention was organised as a private venture. Not until later did it become financed by the national Danish organisation, Bifrost.

List of Forums

Conference Location & time Main organiser(s)
Forum 2000 Copenhagen, Denmark Morten Gade
Forum 2001 Copenhagen, Denmark Claus Raasted, Mads Ahola, Carsten Andreasen, Lene Arvad Dam
Forum 2008 Copenhagen, Denmark Troels Barkholt, Claus Raasted
Forum 2009 Copenhagen, Denmark Søren Ebbehøj
Forum 2010 Copenhagen, Denmark Sofie Støvelbæk
Forum 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark Sofie Støvelbæk
Forum 2012 Fyn, Denmark Astrid S. Andersen, Nynne Søs Rasmussen, Ann Kristine Eriksen, Naya Marie Nord
Forum 2013 Fyn, Denmark Nynne Søs Rasmussen, Astrid S. Andersen