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|name=Erlend Eidsem Hansen
|sort_name=Hansen, Erlend Eidsem
|organizations=[[Laivfabrikken Oslo]], [[Fantasiforbundet]], [[Veiskille]], [[Nosferatu]], [[Ravn]]
'''Erlend Eidsem Hansen''' (September 18, 1972 in [[Oslo]]) is a [[Norwegian]] larpwright and documentary filmmaker.
<br>He lives in Oslo, Norway. He is the father of 2 sons, and one of 3 founders of [[Knutepunkt]], the meetingplace of Nordic Larp.
Erlend has grown up in the 70ies and 80ies Eastenders Oslo surrounded by a workingclass, whitetrash environment. Equal to many other Norwegians Erlend has gone through the classjourney from workingclass to cultural academic upper middleclass during the economic oilboom of Norway during the 80ies and 90ies. This means that he worked in a chocolatefactory when he was 18 years, but now he is thoroughly educated and works as filmdirector.
As a consequence, Erlend has 10–15 years of education more than any elder members of his own family.
When it comes to explaining larp to people not familiar with the concept, this teaches a few lessons. It also gives a few prejudices to other academically oriented people.
* [[The Book]] ''([[2001]])'' - The first of the [[Knutepunkt-books|Knutepunkt-book]]s - The Knutepunktbook of 2001
== Author ==
* [[8 Ways of Larphacking]] - article in [[Playground Magazine]] nr. 5 ([[2012]])
* [[Trenne Byar]] - chapter in the [[Nordic Larp (Book)|Nordic Larp]] ''([[2010]])''
* [[LarpHacking]] - a wiki, a workshop, a speech and an article - here is the wiki: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Category:LarpHacking (it would be awsome if someone helped me locate the juicy interesting parts of it and made small articles here..)
* [[Dogma 99]] - involved in the development of the vows and organised the Dogma game [[Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid]] (Love in the Age of Debasement)
* [[Sex at Larps]] - article in [[Fëa Livia]] (Magazine) ([[2002]])
* [[Rituals and Ceremonies]] - article in [[Fëa Livia]] (Magazine) ([[2001]])
* [["Sex and Larp"]] in [[The Book]] ([[2001]])
* [[Guru Larp Fanzine]] ([[1993]],[[1994]]) - little ranting fanzine on larping - most noted for its article on [[railroading]], [[branching]] and [[marble]] dramaturgies in [[larp]]. Also known as the [[Theory of marbles]].
== Larps ==
He has organised and designed more than 40 larplike and larp-projects and participated in around 250 different productions since the very beginning of the larptradition in [[Norway]] in [[1989]].
He has read over 3000 characterdescriptions and been a consultant for the design of over 1000 characters over the years.
== Larpwright (designer/co-designer)  ==
* [[Rød Oktober]] ([[2011]])
* [[Dommedagsaften]] ([[2011]])
* [[Ivans Vannhull]] ([[2010]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[Marcellos kjeller]] ([[2010]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[The Oasis]] (version I + version II) ([[2009]],[[2011]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[The Baader Meinhof eXperiment]] ([[2010]]) ([[Oslo]],[[Västerås]],[[Stockholm]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[Kjærlighet i fornedringens tid]] ([[2001, 2002, 2009, 2010]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[Agabadan I]] ([[2008]])
* [[Strangedays - The dream of the Appleliquor]] ([[2004]])
* [[AmerikA]] ([[2000]]) - concept development, scenographer, video and lights
* [[Elegi]] ([[2000]]) (Fantasy)
* [[Moirais Vev]] ([[1997]])
* [[Flammenes Natt]] ([[Night of the Flames]]) ([[1995]]) - Fantasylarp for youngsters 14–20 years old
* [[NÀR II]] ([[1994]])
* [[Nosferatu]] [[Trilogy]] ([[1993]], [[1994]], [[1995]](only as player), [[1996]])
* [[The Celtic and Vikinglarp]] ([[Oslo Winterlarps]] [[1993]]) ([[Ravn]])
* [[The Mafia Larp]] ([[1992]])
* [[Vingulmork 1196]] ([[Oslo Winterlarps]] [[1992]]) ([[Ravn]])
* [[Summerlarps]] ([[1990]],[[1990]],[[1991]]) ([[Ravn]])
== Contributing organizer ==
* [[A Mothers heart]] ([[2010]]) - ([[Laivfabrikken Oslo]])
* [[A fistful of Thyllium]] ([[2009]]) - only as a consultant designer and co-fascilliator of this [[collectivestyle]] larp
* [[inside:outside]] ([[2001]]) - videotechnician and runtime gamemastering
* [[KyberGenesis]] ([[1997]]) (Videotechnician, designer of the in-game TV-channel and the rituals worshipping videoimages of the AIs)
* [[Call of Ravn]] ([[1992]])
* [[Summerlarps]] ([[1992]]) ([[1998]]) ([[Ravn]])
== Designer of Larplike projects ==
* [[Ritual Workshop]] - Knutpunkt Sweden 2010
* [[Changez]] - A larpconcept for a clubbing venue inspired by David Bowie - Club Mezzo, Oslo, 1999
* [[Strangedays]] ([[2005]]) - A zombielarp organised as a project inside a project, within the Rock Festival, Strangedays
* [[Reclaim]] ([[2002]]) - Sort of pervasive game - not really larp more activism - related to [[Maskspel]] and [[Scen 3]] with [[Interactingarts]] in Stockholm
* [[Storytellers Workshop]] - Knudepunkt Denmark 1999
* [[The magic Loo]] ([[1999]]) - part larp, part TV-documentary. kind of philosophical 1-person realitytvshow
* [[Knutepunkt]] - (one of the founders of the first Knutepunkt i 1997, organiser in 2001, videotechnician in 2005, suborganiser in 2009, program committee in 2013)
* [[Laivfabrikken Oslo]]
* [[Fantasiforbundet]]
* [[Veiskille]] (only as co-designer of one of the in-game nations in this campaign-game) - see their wiki (in Norwegian) here: http://veiskillewiki.laiv.org/Hovedside)
* [[Veiskille]] - Erlends favourite nation Andhra Kesh (http://veiskillewiki.laiv.org/Andhra_Kesh) (which a lot of people have developed during the last 10 years)
* [[Nosferatu]]
* [[Ravn]]
* erlendeh@gmail.com
* http://www.facebook.com/eidsem
* a list of his larp track record can be found at the archive of the Norwegian webportal of larp, [[laiv.org]] - http://www.laiv.org/laiv/DetStore.nsf/ (Search for name)
==External links==
* Dramaturgic Models (with [[Eirik Fatland]]) - http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Talk:Dramaturgic_Models
* Erlends Website about [[Larphacking]] - http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Category:LarpHacking
==List of Relevant articles by Erlend Eidsem Hansen hopefully later to be known as Articles for Larpwriters and Designers ==
(this might not be very cosher way to write wiki, but lets face it, this is what we got, and it´s subjective, so why deny it..)
What makes a good larp - Magnus Lie Hetland - 1997 (rev. 2001) - http://www.idi.ntnu.no/~mlh/lrp/lrpkval.html (in Norwegian)
* ''[[The Book]]'' - [[Knutepunkt 2001]]
Building Dramatics - Susanne Gräslund - (after she organised Knappenålshovudet in 1999) - http://fate.laiv.org/pub/build_dram.htm
* ''[[Dissecting Larp]]'' - [[Knutepunkt 2005]]
Incentive tools of larp dramaturgy - Eirik Fatland - (after organising Europa, Inside/Outside, Panopticorp) - http://knutepunkt.laiv.org/kp05/Incentives%20as%20tools%20of%20larp%20dramaturgy..pdf
(Knutepunkt and Nordic Live Role-playing: a crash cource - Eirik Fatland - http://knutepunkt.laiv.org/kp05/Knutepunkt%20and%20Nordic%20Live%20Role-playing,%20A%20crash%20course.pdf)
* ''[[Role, Play, Art]]'' - [[Knutpunkt 2006]]
Interaction Codes—Understanding and Establishing Patterns in Player Improvisation by Eirik Fatland 
''[[Playground Worlds]]'' - [[Solmukohta]] - http://2008.solmukohta.org/index.php/Book/Book (no direct links to articles whole .PDF only)
* p.&nbsp;53  Producing A Nice Evening - Anna Westerling
* p.&nbsp;125  The nuts and Bolts of Jeepform - Tobias Wrigstad -
* p.&nbsp;139  Behind the Facade of A Nice Evening with the Family - Hultman, Westerling, Wrigstad (the most important co-operation in Nordic larp since Daniel Krauklis, Susanne Gräslund, Martin Ericsson and Holger Jacobsson (and more) for Knappenålshovudet in 1999 (see Susannes article - Building Dramatics)
* p.&nbsp;232  Key Concepts in Forge Theory - Emily Care Boss
''[[Larp, the Universe and Everything]]'' - [[Knutepunkt 2009]]
* The Vademecum of the Karstic Style - Andrea Castellani - http://knutepunkt.laiv.org/2009/book/TheVademecumOfTheKarsticStyle/
''[[Playing Reality]]'' - [[Knutepunkt 2010]]
* p.&nbsp;63  Six common mistakes in Live Role-playing Design
''[[Do Larp]]'' - [[Knudepunkt 2011]] - It´s the right headlines, but the content is not enough to understand everything behind the games
* p.&nbsp;72   Delirium - [[Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn]], Kristoffer Thurøe, Peter Munthe-Kaas
* p.&nbsp;92   Mad about the Boy - Tor Kjetil Edland, Trine Lise Lindahl, Margerete Raaum
* p.&nbsp;124  A Nice Evening with the Family - Anna Westerling
* p.&nbsp;176  Renaissance: Formula of Love - Konstantin Vetlugin, Sergey Lobov, Ludmilla Vitkevich

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