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A content declaration for a larp is a declaration of what themes, but also what meta or representational of safety techniques will be present at a larp. The content declaration is different to a trigger warning or a content warning due to not being a warning but a way to make it easier for possible participants to seek out and find larps with their favorite content.

It is easier to make a content declaration if one works as an organizer in a context where there is a consensus of what is meant by different terms. Otherwise the content declaration will also have to include longer explanations.

The Mixing Desk of Larp is a parallel.

Origin and Other Sources

Applying the Swedish term "Innehållsförteckning" was proposed by Karin Edman in a blog post in 2012. The original word means "list of ingredients" and was analogue to what would be on the back of a packaged food item. Johannes Axner suggested it be translated to "Content Declaration" in English in 2015.

Alla Lajv bör ha en innehållsförteckning by Karin Edman