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Anneli Friedner (born 1990) is a Swedish larper, workshop leader, teacher and artisan. She is mostly known for her workshops on sexuality, ethics and oppression in Larp.


  • Klassfesten (2007), co-written with Niklas Dahl. Three runs hosted by Anneli, whereafter Lukas Renklint organised another two, including a trans version.
  • Södra Riket II, (2012), a larp in Granlandskampanjen co-organised with Johan Nylin and Johan Berg.
  • Älvabrus (2014), a larp in Granlandskampanjen co-organised with Erland Nylund.

Workshops, lectures and other

  • Förtrycksworkshop (2012) - on oppression and master suppression techniques in larp
  • Gränsdragningar och gråzoner (2013) - on grey zones and making a toolbox for safe and consensual larping
  • Scener ur ett äktenskap (2014, 2015, 2016) - on close relations and sexuality
  • Women's fashion 1800-2000, and how to fake it (2015)
  • Dramatisk modellteckning (2016) - Co-host with Karin Edman

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