Anne Serup Grove

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Anne Serup Grove is a servicedesigner focussing on interactions and communication working in both the private and public sector. She has for many years been an organiser at Fastaval where she has worked in the Information, first as an infonaut and later as main coordinator of DIY/GDS - the system with which participants partake in the workload of running a larger volunteer event.

Having started out in the filled of fashion design Anne has a keen interest in costumes and the role costumes play in larp. A pet peeve of hers is inclusion as clothing has been and still is very excluding and challenging for many carpers. On this note she has held several lectures at Knudepunkt/Solmukohta among others a keynote at Nordic Larp Talks 2019 on Clothes For Real Bodies.

Anne was a significant contributor of the 2019 volume Larp Design as lead graphic designer, a part of the editorial team and writer.