1942 - Noen å stole på (2000)

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1942 - Noen å stole på
Duration5 days
First runOctober 9–13, 2000 (2000-10-09 – 2000-10-13) in Herdla, Norway

1942 - Noen å stole på was a larp set in a Norwegian village under German occupation in the year 1942. It featured five days of more or less ordinary life in a religious village in Norwegian countryside. One of the main themes of the larp were young Norwegian women and girls who were romantically interested in, or had affairs with German soldiers. It also featured quiet resistance to the occupation by e.g. helping Jews and other people who were persecuted by the Nazi regime escape to Britain. Some of the content and backstories were based on actual experiences of Norwegian people who had experienced the occupation.

In November 2017, a substantially redesigned version of the larp (1942 - Someone to trust? (2017)) was run in Flørli, outside of Stavanger. This time there were two runs, one Norwegian-German run where the German soldiers were played by Germans, and one international run where speaking Norwegian was simulated by speaking English and speaking German was simulated by speaking the Scandinavian languages.

Eirik Fatland has written an article about the larp in Nordic Larp (Book).

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Makers of the 2000 run: Margrete Raaum, Ståle Johansen, Anita Myhre Andersen, Oyvin Wormnes, Magnus Y Alvestad, Hilde Bryhn, Bjorn Kleven, Tor Kjetil Edland, Håvar Larsen, Hein Bodahl, Henrik Bohle, Jostein Hassel, Espen Nodeland.