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2017-02-10 @ 17:00 - 2017-02-12 @ 12:00

450SEK - 1800SEK

The year is 2045, according to most people in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. It is two days after the yearly market of Hindersmäss in Örebro, and at the settlement of Rifall a lot of travelers pass by these days. Vinterland takes place two and a half years after the larp Landsväg. You are welcome to bring your Landsväg character back to life again at Vinterland.

The larp takes place at the Rifall settlement, halfway between Östbacken and Värnhem. The location is the same as on the larp Hinterland. The local farmers at Rifall have found human bones in the ground, from the people who were buried there three decades earlier. Vinterland will be a story of the hardworking people of the farms and the forests, the poor travelers, the rich merchants, the nomadic diggers and the many colorful characters traveling the crumbling roads.

Vinterland will be a story of a post-apocalyptic time, when the war, the pandemic and the numerous looter gangs are tales of the past. Scandinavia is still scarcely populated, but people live of the land and the sea, not each other. Long gone are the days when survival was based solely on scavenging and fire power. Outside the larger settlements, however, the absence of law enforcement makes security a matter of weather you have friends or not. A new gang of plunderers have been active in the area again, and they have not yet been located and dealt with.

Vinterland will be a story of the people living among the ruins of the long gone society that brought itself to destruction. The younger generation never saw the wonders and the terrors of the past, but those born before the Crunch still tell the stories.

The Themes of the Game

We wish to explore several themes during Vinterland, and hope that you will too. The four themes of the game are partly corresponding to the four acts of Vinterland, but of course they mix together.

The Casual Life

These are the cozy and the uncomplicated parts of the game, for those of you who whish to for example spend time cooking, playing music, singing, gambling, perhaps dancing, portray visiting relatives or just invite the neighbors for a fika.

The Work

This theme is for those of you who wish to spend time working, for example by chopping fire wood or shoveling snow. We would like to se both services and crafts in game. Everything from blacksmithing to the smoking of meat and fish would be welcome.

The Plotting

This theme explores the more serious parts of social interaction, as in trading and bartering, politics and negotiations, rumor-mongering and slandering, the gathering of information and diplomacy.

The Armed Conflicts

This theme is for those characters who are armed. You may go on recon missions, or as armed security, but also spend time on gear maintenance and waiting with great discipline.

Practical Details

Date: February 10 – 12, in the winter of 2017. The game will start at Friday evening, and end before noon on Sunday
Location: Kopparberg, Sweden
Ticket prices: Bare Bones 450 SEK, Standard Edition 900 SEK, Special Edition 1800 SEK, Day Pass 300 SEK
Ingame language: Primarily Swedish and English.
Outdoor temperature: Most probably between -5 and -20 degrees C
Indoor temperature: Most probably between +15 and 0 degrees C
Snow depth: Most certainly between 15 and 50 cm

Participants are required to write their own characters, bring their own clothes and most of their gear. Most participants will have to bring and cook their own food, and handle basic logistics like chopping fire wood and tending to the stoves. Vinterland is for those of you, who enjoy winter larping, don’t mind some uncomfort, and see snow as an asset, not an obstacle.


2017-02-10 @ 17:00
2017-02-12 @ 12:00
450SEK - 1800SEK
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