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Road under Nihil (English Run)

2017-09-01 - 2017-09-03

Road under Nihil

Our Story

The year is 1923 and the war has no end

In 1914 WW1 started, but in our alternate world, the war never ended. It has been going on for nine years and you are stuck on the front.

In a war with no end or resolution in sight.

Character Design

Each player gets to play one of five well written characters. experiencing an intense tragedy.
All players are divided into groups of five, all in their own section of the trench. They will rotate around and thereby come in indirect contact with the other players, playing the same character, leaving messages and clue along for how the character was thinking in the past.
It is an experimental way to create interactions without meeting each other.

The Trench

Will be a real 200 meter trench dug for the larp on a huge empty field close to Horsens. Jutland. There will be lights and sound scape.


Will be run at Horsens State Prison. An old prison turned musuem, that we will burrow to bring you into character and drive you by bus to location.


1200 DKK


Food, logding and workshop included.

Setting policy on gender and race

To give as many people the opportunity to play RUN and making group confirgurations more flexible. We have decided to make all characters gender neutral.

To make that work within the fiction, we have decided that in the contrafictional world of our larp. Gender and Race is not something that dictate peoples lives at all. Unlike in WW1, where gender and race segregation was a very real thing. RUN is not about these themes. It is about the horrors of trench warfare.

So all characters will be written gender neutral with surname only.

This means you can construct your own group as you want, with whatever distribution of players you want. All female group or all male group is totally plausible.

So if you feel strongly for having a “historically correct” male only squad, you can have that. But the fictional world materiale provided during play in the trench – propaganda fliers, radio broadcasts and character background stories will contain a more diverse representation of soldiers, than real life WW1.

If this is a deal breaker for you. Road Under Nihil, is not a larp for you.


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Hans Christian Skaarup
Charles Bo Nielsen


Road under Nihil Trench Field
Horsens, Denmark + Google Map
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