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I ribelli della montagna (Run 1)

2015-07-10 - 2015-07-12


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Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

I Ribelli della Montagna (“The Rebels on the Mountain”) is a historical fiction larp set during the Second World War and inspired by the Marzabotto massacre of 1944, a grievous episode of retaliation against civilians for the surging guerrilla resistance.

The plot will revolve around life in an imaginary mountain village in central Italy during the last days of Nazi occupation, where the personal stories of freedom fighters, Axis soldiers and common folk entwine towards a dramatic ending.

Written on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Italy from Nazi-Fascist rule and based on solid historical research, this larp is not meant to be a clockwork-accurate reenactment of facts, rather a history-inspired fiction offering an insightful, in-depth roleplaying experience on the themes of freedom, oppression and war and allowing a glimpse at life in a rural community in occupied Italy in the Fall of ‘44.

The Rebels on the Mountain will take place in July in a rustic Hamlet in the Alps near Turin. The main language of the event will be Italian, but English will be supported diegetically: there will be a handful of ‘foreigner’ roles (think, for example, of Allied military stragglers) that will be able to interact in English with a set of bilingual characters, and experience the difficulty of improvised communication with the others.

These international characters will be in no other way different from the rest, enjoying a full game experience, including personal plots and props, hard choices, emotions and drama. Even more, they will be of great value in introducing important themes and historical references in the larp, such as, how much was the civil war that ensued in Italy after the 1943 armistice only an Italian matter? In which ways and to what extent were the Allies involved?

Rhythm and conditions will be moderately hardcore, as gameplay will be 24-hour over a couple of days with in-game sleeping and eating, and several chances for comfort disruption, such as marches, night patrols, raids, food gathering and the like. Some will enjoy a bed in a stone house but others will be camping.

International players will be entitled to a number of benefits: a special, reduced subscription fee of €60, a full costume lent at no extra charge, a ride to the venue from Milan or Turin with another player and couch space for extra nights if needed to accommodate travel schedules.


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