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Dancing at the Darcy’s


$85 - $115

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High Society London 1872 – A Victorian upstairs/downstairs LARP by Obscurus
Excellent roleplay, coolthentic costumes and a magnificent location.

Lord and Lady Crawford have opened up their Londen townhouse for the highlight of the season: a ball in honour of the betrothal of her niece Miss Elizabeth Darcy to Mr. Edward Dashwood. Many members of high society are invited to join in the festivities. For entertainment purposes artists and scientists are invited.

Under the surface of high society politeness and keeping up appearances, many secrets are buried: financial problems, disease, affairs, forbidden love & homosexuality, business scandals, political intrigue, abuse of domestic servants, suppression of women and having to uphold your family’s honour.

Game design
Darcy is a 360 degree illusion fully immersion larp. We have similarities with content larp in Nordic tradition with pre-written characters, lots of interlinks, secrets and storylines to discover. We write characters made to measure. 

There will be no rules or skills, only some guidelines (f.i. about 19th century etiquette and the fact that it’s a social larp, so fighting or murder will not be possible.)

You can choose to have lots of personal drama, puzzles and/or political intrigue. You tell us what appeals to you game wise and we will write it for you. We believe you can have very different styles of play within one event.

On your registration form you can choose what kind of storylines you favour. There are basically two types of storylines. You can pick one, or have a mixture of both:
1. Personal drama & romance: think of costume dramas like Jane Austen’s novels, Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs etc.
2. Real historical events, scandals and characters from 1872. Business dealings, intrigue, discovering and unfolding mysteries etc.

You can choose between playing an upstairs or a downstairs character. We will write a character description for you filled with storylines, hints and suggestions for play based on your roleplay preferences.

Upstairs: nobility, factory owners, bankers, social reformers, scientists, artists, spiritualists, army officers, clergy, exotic foreigners, etc.
Downstairs: butler, housekeeper, footmen, housemaids, lady’s maids and valets.


$85 - $115


Kasteel Wijenburg
Echteld, Netherlands


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